Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

SUVEE Training Materials are versatile, flexible, validated, current and excellent for:

  • Remote distance education /learning
  • LL&N students
  • NESB students
  • Classroom based education
  • External students i.e. those currently employed in another industry wishing to change employment to the aged care sector but unable to attend class room based learning
  • Workshops staff professional development

SUVEE products are affordable aged care and disability training resources

We are competitively priced with other leading resource providers.

SUVEE products add extra value to your organisation as we:

  • Provide the assessment tools for evidence of competency required
  • Provide all the necessary learner activities and assessment tools essential to deem student competency in the theory component so your trainer does not need to develop extra resources
  • Provide the learner and trainer a theory resource in a text book style with full colour to accompany each individual Unit of Competence assessment tools
  • Combine all learner activities and assessment tools in booklet form for easy access and availability for record keeping/copying for evidence of competence
  • Have available for each individual participant in Certificate III Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) a Competency Assessment Record Book. This record book contains a complete record of the individual participant’s theory and clinical components thus meeting RTO requirements for competency in record keeping
  • Provide continuity of aged care training, ensuring each trainer is providing the students with a high standard of professional training thus allowing students to meet:
    • The individual units of competence elements, performance criteria, essential skills and knowledge
    • The aged care industry expectations of new staff knowledge base
  • Make it beneficial to NESB students. Students from a CALD background including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders report that they find the presentation engaging, wording used in SUVEE resources provide clarity and an effective reading style

SUVEE unit content encompasses ease of use for the student, trainer and assessor. SUVEE is:

  • Written in layman terms
  • User friendly / easy to understand
  • LL&N friendly (opportunity for assessor to provide written and/or oral assessment)
  • Comprises of a variety of assessment tools including oral assessment, summative assessment question / answer, multiple choice, word banks, scenarios, research tasks, true/false and learning activities