Training Resources

Training Resources

Elective units currently available were selected in consultation with aged care providers and on feedback received on the work place expectation and knowledge base requirements of new employable aged care workers.

Each SUVEE unit of competence contains if relevant to unit:

  • Learning resource information booklet covering all elements and essential knowledge and skills
    • in colour
    • text book style
    • pictures/photos
    • contextualised to industry
  • Learning Activities and Summative Assessment Tasks
  • Student Assessment Agreement
  • Assessment Cover Page
  • Oral assessment
  • Marking and Mapping Matrix

Individual Candidate Assessment Record Booklets for: Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) include:

  • Clinical Assessment Agreement
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement
  • List of workplace procedures candidate is expected to participate in
  • Candidate Orientation Checklist
  • Attendance Record
  • Clinical Assessment Tools
  • Third Party Report
  • Complete Candidate Assessment Evidence Record
  • Workplace Journal
  • Workplace Monitoring Record

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